1. What is this?

For a long time, yo-yo contest judging has been a mystery, and there's never been a place to learn how to judge. Now, with the wide availability of freestyle videos on YouTube, anyone can click those freestyles. But how do those scores compare to other people's evaluations?

Now, experienced judges and prospective candidates can share their scores and compare them with what other people are seeing. Hopefully, this will lead to more standardized scores across contests worldwide.

2. How do I use it?

It's very simple. Either paste a YouTube video URL on the left-top of the page, or search and click on a video on YouTube using the form right below it. The video will load and you are ready to start "clicking". Your clickers are the F and D keys on your computer's keyboard. F will add positive points, and D will subtract negative points.

When the video finishes and stops, you will presented a form where you can type in your name to have your score saved to Clickbook.

There is also a link on the right side of the main page where you copy a link to the video you are judging, so you can invite others to judge the same video and compare scores.

3. What are certified judges?

Certified judges are judges with proven experience judging contests on major contests around the globe. This ensures the scores from those judges are as close to what you can expect on actual contests as possible.

4. I have judging experience, can I be a certified judge?

Certainly! Email Rafael Matsunaga at briefly describing your judging experience. You will then receive a password which you can use to certify your judges.

5. There is spam/obscenity/fake scores, who can I contact?

Email Rafael Matsunaga at with the link provided on the right side of the page. With your help, we can keep Clickbook free of unwanted data!