Current projects

HTML5 Genetic Algorithm Biped Walkers

More Genetic Algorithm fun in HTML5 and Box2D. This time it's biped humanoids trying to learn how to walk.
Also, a terrible genetic algorithm cat. :)


I designed a yo-yo for the world's biggest and oldest yo-yo manufacturer! So far it has earned over 20 titles in the hands of fantastic players worldwide, including 3 World titles. It's the most successful string trick yo-yo to date! Go buy one! :)


I'm currently writing for YoYoNews, bringing competitive yoyoing news to the masses!

Learning Korean

This will take a while. I'll just leave this paragraph here for a couple of years.

Recent reading list

Finished projects

Bike | Ciclo Sampa

Simple map that combines availability information for São Paulo's two bike sharing services.

Twitter Rain Map

(I took it down, needed the money)
A quick experiment to plot a weather map according to Twitter.

Yo-yo Contest Result Database

A huge database with over 200 yo-yo contests worldwide since 1992!

Twitter Ebola Map

(currently offline, the panic has decreased)
A spin-off from the Rain Map below to check people's awareness/fear about Ebola.

HTML5 Genetic Algorithm Car Simulator

Version 2 is now out in all of its Box2D+Canvas marvel. The old version is still up, if you don't feel like hogging your CPU with 20 cars at once. :)

365 Yo-yo Tricks

I had the Monday slots in 2013 at!

Building a 3D printer

My self-sourced Ultimaker clone is now ready and printing!

Brazilian Yo-yo Association, new website

Just a few more tweaks needed, but it looks worlds better than the old one.

Hired to Win

I'm blogging about competitive yoyoing. It's the world's first dedicated competition news source. It's now part of

Judge Basher

Ever wondered why no one had made a yo-yo contest judging tool before?

How to be a Yo-yo Ninja

After extensive shooting in Indianapolis, the best tutorials ever made in the universe are now ready! Be sure to buy the DVD, which includes some exclusive footage.

500 Days

My oddly-specific yo-yo community photography book is out and sold-out.

Duncan 80 Years, 1 World Tour

The tour is now finished. Hong Kong was a blast.